escaping desire ep

“Escaping Desire EP” now available for free on BandCamp

Escaping Desire EP (2015):

~ Thank You for Listening ~


This is a collaboration album and was made possible with the help of several friends. The featured collaboration tracks include McCowin’s Castle (feat. Kayafiya), Aqua (feat. naudible), and Portal Hop (feat. DJ Shua). The artwork was done by the inspiring Zach Jackson, expressing his visual representation of the music.

~ Some tracks feature instrumentation or samples from each artist and were co-created with a shared intention. We hope you enjoy the music ~

Thank you for listening! If you like what you hear and what you see, I highly recommend checking out the other artists who helped create this album – they all inspire me.

much love


released 15 January 2015

Huge Thank You to Zach, Brandon, Micah, Josh, and all of my amazing friends & fans who have helped support these musical endeavors. Thank you to Terence McKenna, Deepak Chopra, and Carl Sagan for the inspiring words.

mastered by Kayafiya